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Don’t Let the Sun Ruin Your Fun!

TRAVEL TIPS - March 20, 2020

Don’t miss all the fun – Get relief FAST with Jamaican Ice!

Ever notice how there is always that one person on vacation who gets burnt to a crisp and has to miss out on all the fun? Don’t let that happen to you! Be prepared with Jamaican Ice Burn Relief!

Jamaican Ice takes the sting out of sunburn and brings relief FAST!
Developed to treat chemo burns, Jamaican Ice is the safe way to feel better fast – works great on any type of burns, scrapes, cuts and insect bites. Helps you heal faster and prevents peeling!

Jamaican Ice is a big hit in Europe and Australia – and now you can get this amazing product delivered in the U.S.!

Perfect for camping, golf, skiing, fishing, even working around the house! If you spend time outdoors, don’t get caught without Jamaican Ice when you need relief FAST!

Furbabies get sunburned too! Veterinarian Approved Safe for Pets!

Safe for children and pets!

Buy now!

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