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AlaVHR – 2020 Year in Review


A Tale of Tragedy and Triumph

Undoubtedly, 2020 will go down in history as one of the most unusual years for the travel industry. We started out strong with record breaking website traffic and inquiries, only to be shut down by the COVID pandemic. At AlaVHR, we started out as vacation rental owners and we knew immediately that this was going to be a challenge for our owners.

We swiftly went into action by granting EVERY owner on our website a FREE 90 day extension on their subscription, no questions asked and no strings attached. We also gave any new subscribers a free trial to get back on their feet as the area reopened.

Once travel restrictions began to lift and the beaches reopened, it became clear that travelers were finally paying attention to those ridiculous booking fees charged by the “big sites” and they flocked to for relief. Our site traffic and inquiries spike by 500% over last year in May 2020, and continued strong for the rest of the summer.

Most owners were hopeful that they would have a full recovery from the COVID cancellations and the future looked bright indeed, UNTIL…. Along came Sally. Hurricane Sally had her eye, literally, on the Alabama Gulf Coast and she certainly overstayed her welcome. Sally was stronger and much SLOWER than anyone expected – saturating our land and brutally beating our trees and buildings for what seemed like an eternity.

The aftermath was surreal. Everywhere littered with giant overturned trees, branches blocking roads, fences down, roof shingles littering the streets. Everywhere we went looked like a war zone. It was heartbreaking to survey the damage. But in the midst of the destruction, something else stood out – the strength of a community coming together to help one another. Neighbor helping neighbor – the outpouring of human kindness left us humbled and honored to call Coastal Alabama our home.

Now, almost four months later, most of the rentals are ready to welcome guests, or will be very soon. Some communities were particularly hard hit and those may not be ready until Summer 2020 or even later. Those who sustained damage are working hard to make their homes even better than before. The worst hit areas will ultimately become the most beautiful. One thing is certain, our communities welcome you back with open arms. We want you and your family to continue to make memories with us.

Despite the setbacks, our website,, had an exceptional year. Check out these amazing statistics!

  • Website Traffic up 93% – nearly 2,000,000 Page Views in 2020
  • Inquiries up 150% – over 15,000 Inquiries in 2020 vs 5,000 in 2019
  • Listings up 26% – We now have nearly 400 Active Listings – we are the LARGEST “no booking fee” website serving Alabama. We have 60% more Alabama Listings than our nearest competitor.
  • We sent out over 300,000 emails in 2020 and our email database has grown to nearly 15,000 traveler emails.
  • We have over 18,000 followers on Social Media, including an extremely active Owner Support Group that is open to anyone who owns or manages a vacation rental in Alabama.

While we are growing, our competition is shrinking. What sets us apart? We pride ourselves in giving exceptional customer service, routinely going above and beyond. We have helped many new owners learn the ropes to set them up for success in this business. We continue to focus primarily on supporting individual owners and small scale property managers. We guarantee that your listing will be seen, not buried under major property management companies or hotels.

We truly believe the worst is behind us and that this will be an amazing year for our AlaVHR family – and when you join AlaVHR, it really is like being part of the family. Most importantly, we want to thank every owner who treats US like family and continues to put their faith in us. We will continue to work very hard for you in 2021!

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Owner Testimonials



Hear what fellow owners say about listing with Alabama Vacation Home Rentals – we are owners like YOU, first and foremost.  We are the only locally owned and operated regional site that serves the entire state of Alabama!  We will work very hard for you – give us a chance to earn your business with a FREE trial listing!   Get started today


“We listed our Orange Beach condo, Silver Beach 803 as a vacation rental about 9 months ago.  We have had a great response with inquiries and bookings and will continue to list our property here.  They are heavily marketing in the Alabama region and promoting in multiple areas.  Susan is very responsive to questions and issues.”  – Brenda B., September 25, 2018  See Brenda’s Listing Here


Some of my nicest guests have reserved through ALAVHR. This site is great for them as they don’t have to pay a reservation fee and for me because it lets me correspond with them without having to go through a “middle man.” I believe ALAVHR is doing a great job and look forward to a long and successful relationship with them.”  Linda G.  July 5, 2018  See Linda’s Listings Here


Kathy G., Owner

I am enjoying using your site with its ease of use and no booking fees for guest. With the Industry adding more and more fees (on both sides) and forgetting how they got so large, ie us owners, its refreshing to have a platform to advertise where they keep us in mind. I have gotten several reservations for our condos and know it will continue to grow thru word of mouth. As an owner myself, I really appreciate the enhancement to watermark our photos. Very simple to do and if you are unsure, Susan will assist you to get it done. I had my photos stolen off another site and created a new listing to scam guests on Craigs list of all places. I will use every tool I can find to prevent this again. The watermark does not hinder the ability to see the photo but because my name is front and center, no one will want to right click and save. After asking, Susan was also able to disable the right click and save from a computer (doesn’t work on a tablet or mobile device though) . Thank you for all you are doing to help all rental property owners in the area maximize our earning potential. Being such a young business I have high hopes this can become a games changer for all of us in the future.”  – Kathy G., June 24, 2018   See Kathy’s Listings Here


“I love that I can offer guests a legitimate website and have complete control over the booking and deposits! Other companies charge a fee for this, a fee for that, oh and don’t honor your wishes for a refundable damage deposit. It’s like banging your head to get anything from that company of anything happens!! This website saves the GUESTS AND Owners all those crazy fees!! Susan had been amazing to work with as well! Are you an owner!? STOP WASTING YOUR MONEY using those other sites! Guest looking to book- don’t go anywhere else!!!!”  – Jami B.  July 31, 2018   See Jami’s Listings Here


We are a very new website – launched in September 2017.  ALAVHR-Roy-Susan-ForsonIn that short time, we have become the FASTEST GROWING regional site in Alabama!  Join our team and let us start promoting YOUR vacation rental!

Questions?  Feel free to Contact Us anytime, or Call Us during regular business hours at (251) 333-6500.  We are here to help!


Roy and Susan Forson, Owners


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