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Put your listing on “auto-pilot” with OwnerRez!

OWNER RESOURCES - September 29, 2023

Let’s face it. Booking directly is hard! You have to build the quote, send it to the guest, collect payment, get rental agreements signed, send them check in details, etc.

What if we told you it doesn’t have to be hard? What if you could virtually put your booking process on “auto-pilot” without any added booking fees or commissions? OwnerRez does all of that and so much more for about $40/month for the first property – that is only $10/week to have an “expert virtual assistant” taking care of the booking process so you can focus on taking care of your guests. Unleash the power of OwnerRez by connecting your AlaVHR listing. AlaVHR is an advertising site, OwnerRez is a booking platform, together, we make a great team! Here is what you get:

OwnerRez – Reservation Software

  • Instantly build quotes – if desired, you can automatically send quotes
  • Automatically collect electronic signatures on your rental agreements
  • Collect the initial payment at time of booking based on your rules – payment goes directly to you with no added fees from OwnerRez, just your credit card processing fee
  • Collect final payment from guest at the appropriate time
  • Automate email correspondence, such as check in details to go out at the appropriate time prior to their stay
  • Notify your cleaners of any changes in booking – also works with
  • Interested in dynamic pricing? OwnerRez works with PriceLabs and Beyond Pricing
  • Want to automate your lock codes? OwnerRez integrates with most smart locks
  • OwnerRez works great with AlaVHR but also integrates with VRBO and AirBnB
  • Run reports at the end of each month to assist with submitting lodging tax, etc
  • Text messaging is also available for a small monthly fee
  • Add on a fully functioning, direct book website for just a few dollars each month that automatically updates anytime you make changes to your account – update your photos or add a new listing? Instantly appears on your personal website! See an example OwnerRez hosted website here:
    OwnerRez Hosted Website: Latitude Adjustment Beach Rentals
    AlaVHR Link: KatieAnna Morton’s Listings

OwnerRez is so popular that over HALF of all the listings on AlaVHR are tied to an OwnerRez account

In fact, OwnerRez is so popular that over half of all of the listings on AlaVHR are now tied to an OwnerRez account! Find out for yourself why more owners trust OwnerRez!

Learn more about OwnerRez or start your 14 Day Free Trial by clicking the image below*

So why doesn’t everyone use OwnerRez??? As you can imagine, there are a lot of moving parts and it is a complex system. Most owners don’t have the time or energy to devote to setting it up and learning a new process. That’s where we can help! For AlaVHR members, we can set up your OwnerRez account and get you ready to start taking bookings PLUS training and follow up phone support for a low one-time fee of just $299** – and most accounts can be completed in less than one week. OwnerRez offers a similar service for $500 and they currently have a six week backlog. Our low-cost set up service is ONLY available for members using AlaVHR to advertise their rentals. BONUS! Get $50 off the setup fee if you use our referral link!

OwnerRez is among the few services that will work for owners with only one or two listings…

Get started today for only $299 set up fee** then $40/month (first property)

PLUS – Save $50 on the Setup Fee if you use our referral link!

Most reservation systems are designed for property managers with ten or more listings. OwnerRez is among the few services that will work for owners with only one or two listings as well as large property managers. You may have heard of Guesty and Hospitable which are great for automating communications, but we have not found any other site that can actually take a direct booking (process payments) and handle all the other steps, such as the rental agreement, like OwnerRez at such an afforable rate. If you are looking for a complete system, you owe it to yourself to check out OwnerRez.

Not advertising on Sign up today! No added booking fees or site commissions and all owners are verified. Earn more and have more control over YOUR bookings!

We have not found any other site that can actually take a direct booking (process payments) and handle all the other steps, such as the rental agreement, as well as OwnerRez for such an affordable rate.

Ready to get started? Contact Us

Already have an OwnerRez account? Check out these helpful videos! We also provide support to all of our AlaVHR members at no extra charge – if you have a question about OwnerRez, just ask!

Check out our “Unofficial OwnerRez Support Group” on Facebook – over 3,000 members and growing! Ask questions and learn how to get the most out of your OwnerRez account:

How to connect your AlaVHR listing to your OwnerRez account

How to import Spot Rates from OwnerRez to your AlaVHR account – It’s fast and easy!

*One reason we can offer the set up service for such a great rate is that we also receive a small referral fee as an affiliate.

** $299 setup fee only available for owners that list on Get $50 off the setup fee when you use our referral link!

Article updated 10/6/2023 – prices subject to change without notice.

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